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true blockhouse is proud to represent this unique band that hail from Norwich, New York and Northern Spain! 

CellarHouse defy convention, preferring to ignore the latest trends and instead explore the more esoteric portals of dark chill, dark wave and electronica.


CellarHouse formed in 2017 and have spent the last 2 years in and out of their home studios recording their debut album Hard Times. The band has a unique sound that's dark, moving and incredibly thought provoking. The current line-up features an international cast of like-minded creatives. Their Dark Light track has been remixed by The Urban Mods and previews of future releases will appear here.

Album release date has been put back because of the current pandemic situation but expect some EPs around Autumn 2021. CellarHouse, come out from your basement studios and reveal yourselves. 

Current line-up

Jezz:  keys, programming, production & writer, Fahia &, BJ: vocals, Rafael: bass guitar, Odili: backing vocals, Manuel & Ted: sax & horns


cellarhouse forever.png
cellarhouse dark light.jpg
cellarhouse SHOULD HAVE BEEN.jpg
urban mods DARK LIGHT mix.jpg