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OK Dogers, let's rage against the FIAT streamers!  Let's put physical music products back in the hands of audiophiles with a quality physical product. Such fun! These limited edition data-CD* releases are hand crafted, individually printed, retro-vinyl-inspired works of audio art. Wow! All delivered in a rubber-stamped, individually numbered cardboard sleeve.

With a focus on audio quality, our ultra HD audio files are mastered to the highest standards: 24bit 44khz non-compressed WAV files with accompanying 320mbps MP3 files. Each release is individually numbered but you'll need to pre-order to ensure we never go over our limited-edition quota and disappoint many fans. Such despair!

Our first two releases are licensed from the True Blockhouse production house featuring The Urban Mods and CellarHouse.

Listen to the tracks below and find out more about the releases by clicking 'More Info'. Send us your pre-order enquiry via the 'Pre-Order' format the bottom of this page and we'll send you an email with instructions to purchase and then, you'll own a physical audio media product. Much retro! So unique! Many listen!

You will only be able to purchase these discs with DogeCoin.  No Doge - No Disc. So sad.

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All profits go to The Anne Conroy Trust for those living with Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia and associated conditions

Not affiliated to HMV, any other business or shibes. So lonely!


*Data discs are formatted to contain digital audio files like a USB memory stick and can't always be auto played in audio CD players


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