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KillIan is young, gifted composer and producer of excellent soundscapes. We're privileged to be able to showcase his work here first.


This 15 year old started writing classical tunes on the piano when he was 9 and has since mastered the art of compelling soundscapes which, we're sure, will arrive in cinemas in the not too distant future. He has just finished re-imagining the score for Tom Hanks' Cast Away movie and currently produces bespoke individual soundscapes for private commissions. (plus a few GCSE's to finish)


Killian's first album is a re-imagining of what the celebrated Tom Hanks' film Cast Away would sound like with a full film score.

Remarkably, this Oscar nominated classic never had a film score (except for one small section at the end). Upon hearing Killian's interpretation it makes you wonder why one was never commissioned.


Twelve original tracks.

Free album download here.   Streaming everywhere else: 22/08/20



We're passionate about retro chilled beats and cinematic vibes. Stream, download and enjoy.
Should Have BeenCellarHouse
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