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A little something for Easter to say thanks

CellarHouse release their long anticipated album later this year. Here is a free download for all our patient subscribers

CellarHouse are putting the finishing touches to their album Hard Times which is to be released later this year (date tbc)

However, remarkably we've managed to attract quite a few subscribers and interested like minded musical minds so, as a thank you for you patience, we offer you this free download. It's a dark dub of This Was Our Time - a track written about being a penniless twenty-something, but enjoying the naivety of optimism and young love that youth bestows on you (if you're lucky)

Our advice to the young and foolish: live your life, make our own decisions and love those closest.

Enjoy the track and share the experience

“If you're going to judge your life via the rear view mirror - pull over, pause, and take some time to remember the good times that made it all so amazing".

Download This Was Our Time (dark dub) here:

Stream & Download here

CellarHouse || Hard Times (album) arriving late '21/early '22

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