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Killian Wright kicks off a raft of releases on true blockhouse

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Killian Wright's superb new soundtrack album Cast Away is available now for free download and streaming across all major platforms.

This talented 15yr old has re-imagined what the Oscar nominated Robert Zemekis film Cast Away would sound like with a musical orchestral score. Originally released without a score (except from two small incidental pieces) this movie really does cry out for an evocative soundtrack that pushes viewers emotions even further. However, you don't need to have seen the movie or indeed, listen to Killian's music with the visuals to appreciate this emotional roller coaster of an album.

“Having just watched Cast Away and looking for inspiration for my first album it just struck me as a no-brainer. Why had no score been commissioned for a film that clearly cried out for one?
Perhaps it's a huge risk to take for your first album, but I thin the most stands alone in any case, but I just had to do it. I hope one day film fans will be able to see the movie with my new score and hear the other eight tracks which aren't on the album" Killian Wright

If you're a fan of sweeping strings and discordant minors then this mini-album nails it. From the opening track - 'I Think We Did It' to the tense 'Hold On' this album is a taste of what we can expect from Killian in the years to come.


What impressed us most was both the choice of instrumentation and the maturity of melody.

I guess if you've been studying film for most of your young life you've picked up an influence of two but what makes this first work stand out is the promise of what lies ahead.

So download the free album on Killian's page of stream where ever you need to. But don't let this escape your attention. Just like Mr Hanks on the Island, you'll be captivated.

Download Cast Away for free on Killian's page:

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